East Bay Gray Panther Partners and Allies

Association Members 

  • NCGPN - National Council of Gray Panther Networks
  • NAHT - National Alliance of HUD Tenants
  • CARA - California Association of Retired Americans
  • EBHO - East Bay Housing Organizations
  • NAACP - National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (Berkeley)



Solidarity Partners

  • Bay Area Landless People Alliance
  • Berkeley Equity Summit Alliance
  • Berkeley Tenants Convention
  • Friends of Adeline (Berkeley)
  • Hand in Hand Domestic Employers Network
  • Poor Peoples Campaign East Bay
  • Racial and Criminal Justice Coalition (Berkeley)
  • SDA - Senior Disability Action
  • USOAC - United Seniors of Oakland and Alameda County
  • California Gray Panther chapters in San Francisco, Long Beach, and Santa Barbara



Groups we have helped get started 

  • Alameda Gray Panthers
  • Bay Area Landless People's Alliance 
  • CANHR - California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform 
  • Over Sixty Health Clinic (Lifelong Medical Center)

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