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    The issues we focus on as members of the East Bay Gray Panthers relate to our goal to foster support for the elderly members of our society, through actions that bring youth and age together.


    Members of the Gray Panthers of the East Bay participate and advocate for the following issue through specific related Campaigns.



    Long-term Support Services For All (LTSS for All)

    Our members have experience with inadequate support services and we advocate with their help to improve access for all in need of long-term support services, including the following programs:

    • LTSS insurance program
    • Build Back Better
    • Time for 20 (HIH campaign)



    Housing for All

    Everyone has a right to housing. As signatories of the Declaration of the Rights of Landless People, we recognize the local shelter crises in many cities across the SF Bay Area and California. We also recognize people's rights to seek housing and strive to advocate for more accessibility, much more affordability, and more inclusivity in our local housing options.



    Public Transit

    Our members advocate more greater accessibility in public transit and other transit options for the elderly.


    Local Participation

    Local Elections



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    You can participate by attending one of our upcoming Speaker Meetings.


    You can also join our mailing list to get updates.


    Please reach out if you want to volunteer, or simply send us a message!

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    Speaker Meeting - April 27, 2022



    AGENDA (Notes below)

    1:30 Opening Welcome

    Agenda Headlines and Action Alerts

    1:50 Featured Speakers

    Faye Wilson Kennedy (Sacramento) and Nell Myhand (Oakland) are quad leaders of the California Poor People's Campaign. They will share parts of a program they presented to the PPC's Policy Working Group on the intersection of race, disability, and other impacted groups with the climate emergency, including indigenous peoples contingent of the PPC.  We will also hear ways to join the Poor People's March on Washington.

    Q&A and Discussion to follow

    2:50 Angeles Gottheil of and Bay Area Landless Peoples Alliance will discuss efforts in Oakland to reclaim long vacant land for deep green rent-free housing communities and the campaign to buy back Coyote Bush, an abandoned lot she and others have stewarded with community gardens, rent free tiny homes and a neighborhood mutual aid network.  

    They built tiny houses on an abandoned lot. Then it was sold ... 

    3pm BREAK

    Campaign Updates and Requests for Endorsements SEE MORE DETAILS BELOW

    Time for $20 - LTSS4All Coalition with SEIU 2015  - Hannah Karpilow

    Essential Caregivers Campaign - Nancy Stevens

    Cap Insulin Now - Call your senators

    Affordable Insulin Now!    

    Call your Senators on the Capitol Switchboard at 1-202-224-3121

    ask them to support and vote YES on Senate Bill S3700

    the House bill already passed earlier this month. 

    Upcoming Meetings & Other Announcements

    ADJOURN 3:30 PM -  Continue social time to 4pm

    RSVP to receive the zoom link and reminders. 


    For now all public meetings are on zoom, but we are experimenting with in board and voting member meetings in person. 

    Get in touch with any questions, call Betsy or Raines at 510-842-6224 voice or text

    MORE INFO and LINKS for April

    Save the Planet by Ending White Supremacy -  Sierra Club Director of  Organizational Transformation says we can't afford "disposable places, or disposable people"


    What Does Climate Justice in California Look Like?

    Looks like California can’t reach its climate targets without prioritizing equity. 


    Affordable Insulin Now Act  -- Call to Cap the Cost of Insulin -  endorsed by National Council of Gray Panther Networks 

    Call your Senators on the Capitol Switchboard at 1-202-224-3121

    ask them to support and vote YES on Senate Bill S3700

    the House bill already passed earlier this month. 


    Talking Points: * The prescription price of insulin has doubled in just four years.  

    *No one should have to choose between getting insulin and putting food on the table. 


    * S. 3700 would cap insurance co-pays at $35/month, and make this life saving drug, more affordable to many more people with diabetes. 


    * Vote YES on S. 3700, the Affordable Insulin Now Act.  Make your voice heard!


    Call your Senators on the Capitol Switchboard: Call our US Senators Feinstein and Padlile at the Capitol Switchboard 1-202-224-3121.





    May speaker meeting tentatively - Mental Health and Community-oriented Policing  featuring Paul Kealah Blake, long-time mental health outreach and advocate, and member of the Berkeley Homeless Commission. Updates on Affordable Housing debates 


    June Speaker Meeting, moderated with Daveed Mandell, on Coalitions for Transit Justice, Paratransit, AC Transit Board elections and more. 


    Ongoing reports from the National Council of Gray Panthers, Senior Housing Subcommittee. 


    UPCOMING EVENTS:  MAY IS EAST BAY AFFORDABLE HOUSING MONTH with many events organized by East Bay Housing Organization (EBGP is a member). 

    MAY 4 IS EBHO'S Kickoff event! 🎉 This year, you can join the event by gathering in person OR online. At our in-person gathering, we'll share food and drink and jam to music from DJ Wild Man. The event programming will showcase the amazing events scheduled throughout our East Bay Affordable Housing Month and honor this year's Affordable Housing Month Honorees. We want to see you! RSVP for the online gathering or get your tickets for the in-person gathering today.





    Angeles was disconnected for the first 10 minutes

    Carol Crooks

    • SB 3700
    • Insulin price cap
    • prescription price of insulin has doubled in the past 4 years. People are cutting back because they can't afford it.
    • Bill would cap copays at $35/month
    • CALL switchboard 202-224-3121
    • 202-224-3121 Capitol Switchboard - please call in support of Senate bill 3700 to p[ut a $35 cap on insulin foprr those on Medicare
    • AB 1816 Reentry Housing and Workforce Program and AB 1961 Statewide Affordable Housing Database.

    Long-Term Support Services (LTSS) campaign

    • SEIU 2015 is a leader
    • $20/hour is the goal by Jan. 1 2025
    • In-person get-together on Friday May 6 from 1p - 3p at Snow Park 19th/Harrison
    • Judy
      • I testified befor Assembly Human Services for AB1941 that would give SSI recipients a $600 grant whenever there is a budget surplus.

    Nell Myhand, Poor Peoples Campaign - featured speaker





    13:39:47 From Hannah to Betsy Morris(Direct Message):

    I’m happy to give an update on the contract and announce the gathering. I have to leave at 3

    13:40:25 From Raines to Everyone:

    Residents United Network:

    13:40:45 From Raines to Everyone:

    SB3700 insulin price cap in California

    13:41:49 From Raines to Everyone:

    All over US, actually

    13:42:12 From Raines to Everyone:

    202-224-3121 switchboard

    13:42:25 From Judy Jackson to Everyone:

    AB 1816 Reentry Housing and Workforce Program and AB 1961 Statewide Affordable Housing Database.

    13:44:02 From Carol Crooks - Team Justice - she/her to Everyone:

    202-224-3121 Capitol Switchboard - please call in support of Senate bill 3700 to p[ut a $35 cap on insulin foprr those on Medicare

    13:44:55 From Betsy Morris to Hannah(Direct Message):

    Long Term Supports  and Services for All Coalition.  ltss4all Hannah Karpilow is our GP liaison

    13:47:08 From Judy Jackson to Everyone:

    Living wage for CA is $27/hr

    13:47:50 From Helen Abel to Everyone:

    Thanks Judy. $7 an hour is ridiculous.

    13:49:12 From Judy Jackson to Everyone:

    Alameda and LA counties are the first to try for $20

    13:50:06 From Carol Crooks - Team Justice - she/her to Everyone:

    13:50:39 From Hannah to Everyone:

    In-person get-together on Friday May 6 from 1p - 3p at Snow Park 19th/Harrison

    13:52:46 From Judy Jackson to Everyone:

    I testified befor Assembly Human Services for AB1941 that would give SSI recipients a $600 grant whenever there is a budget surplus.

    13:54:43 From IF to Everyone:

    IF = Isis Feral

    13:58:53 From Betsy Morris to Everyone:

    Nell Myhand, 1 or 4 co-leaders of California Poor People’s Campaign

    14:00:40 From Betsy Morris to Everyone:

    14:01:04 From Betsy Morris to Everyone:

    Ms Nell before the PPC!

    14:07:52 From Betsy Morris to Raines(Direct Message):

    can you text helen a link?

    14:25:01 From Angeles Gottheil to Everyone:

    There used to be salmon in sausal creek, swimming through Oakland. We can restore that!

    14:27:28 From First Church Berkeley to Everyone:

    Amen Angeles🙌 Yes We can restore the salmon in sausal creek

    14:29:55 From CA PPC Tech to Everyone:

    RSVP for May 16 LA Tour stop

    14:31:08 From CA PPC Tech to Everyone:

    Help CA PPC as a volunteer -

    14:35:44 From Margot Smith to Everyone:

    The sound it going in and out

    14:36:15 From Betsy Morris to Everyone:

    Nell is the sound cuts on the original video?

    14:38:20 From Helen Abel to Everyone:

    Thanks everyone. I need to go. Will listen to the recording for the rest of the meeting.

    14:38:39 From CA PPC Tech to Everyone:

    Not sure.

    14:38:50 From CA PPC Tech to Everyone:

    Is the sound ok now?

    14:39:34 From Raines to Everyone:

    Sounding good here now

    14:39:37 From Betsy Morris to Everyone:

    Shannon Rivers is a member of the Akimel O'otham (River People), he was born and raised on the Gila River Indian Community located in southwest Arizona . See another video clip here: 

    Shannon Rivers- Indigenous People's Rights, the ... - YouTube › watch


    Shannon Rivers of the Akimel O'otham tribe talks about the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, the Declaration of the ...

    YouTube · The NOWMAN Show on The Arroyo Channel · Jul 31, 2018

    14:41:57 From First Church Berkeley to Everyone:

    I am loving all the history and information Thank you!

    14:43:00 From Betsy Morris to Everyone:

    Faye Wilson Kennedy, co-chair of CA PPC,  Spotlight: Faye Wilson Kennedy - Social Justice PolitiCorps › post › spotlight-faye-...

    Jan 21, 2021 — I engage in social justice organizing to call out and try dismantling white supremacy in Sacramento, in California and at the international ...

    14:43:50 From Betsy Morris to Nell Myhand (she/her) Ohlone land aka Oakland(Direct Message):

    SOME OF us have visual impairment

    14:45:53 From Betsy Morris to Nell Myhand (she/her) Ohlone land aka Oakland(Direct Message):

    so you might repeat some of the material from Faye

    14:50:50 From Nell Myhand (she/her) Ohlone land aka Oakland to Everyone:

    THIRD RECONSTRUCTION RESOLUTION{%22search%22:[%22HRes+438%22],%22cosponsor-state%22:%22California%22}&searchResultViewType=expanded

    14:54:22 From Nell Myhand (she/her) Ohlone land aka Oakland to Everyone:

    14:56:44 From Eryn Blackwelder to Everyone:

    Thank you all for letting me listen in! I’ve learned so much and will be joining you all again. Have a great day!

    14:58:15 From Margot Smith to Everyone:

    Housing costs are lower in Mississippi

    15:00:47 From chimey lee to Everyone:

    FNX channel 60.5 here in Bay Area is good source of history Indigenous peoples of America-chimey

    15:02:02 From Hannah to Everyone:

    I am going to try real hard to be at the LA action. I am going to be in LA then anyway

    15:02:09 From Margot Smith to Everyone:

    Would love to, but I’m too old and decrepit

    15:02:40 From Hannah to Everyone:

    So sorry I have to go now. Will try to catch Angeles on the recording

    15:02:52 From Raines to Everyone:

    Enjoying our speakers? Support gray panthers with your contributions:

    15:02:59 From chimey lee to Everyone:

    I was born in DC in the 40's but too old to go now too-chimey

    15:03:36 From Raines to Everyone:

    Counting down….. 2 minutes on break. Stretch, everyone!

    15:09:07 From Robert Magarian to Everyone:

    What we need is more public housing.

    15:10:01 From Margot Smith to Betsy Morris(Direct Message):

    Is Raines ill? Hope he is ok…all the best.

    15:16:38 From helen to Everyone:

    Wow, I love what your doing!!!!!

    15:16:44 From Betsy Morris to Margot Smith(Direct Message):

    Thanks Margot, he’s fine, just decided to do alaundry.

    15:18:04 From chimey lee to Everyone:

    Where are these lots and tiny homes? In what area of Oakland??-thanks

    15:23:56 From Angeles Gottheil to Everyone:

    15:25:30 From IF to Everyone:

    How do we get in touch with you, Angeles?

    15:25:49 From Betsy Morris to Everyone:

    [email protected]

    15:26:18 From IF to Everyone:

    Thanks, Betsy.

    15:30:09 From Margot Smith to Everyone:

    Thanks for a great program, must go. Many thanks.

    15:35:51 From IF to Everyone:

    Thank you, Angeles, and all! I'll be in touch....

    15:36:21 From Angeles Gottheil to Everyone:

    Thank you all!

    15:36:35 From Angeles Gottheil to Everyone:

    Yes please email or call me or text me 714-469-1497

    15:38:58 From Angeles Gottheil to Everyone:

    save coyote bush collective garden -

    15:44:44 From helen to Everyone:

    Hi Angeles!  I absolutely love what you do.

    15:50:35 From Pam White to Everyone:

    This has been fantastic! So much info that needs to be continued.

    15:50:49 From helen to Everyone:

    Helen Walsh email: [email protected]

    15:55:54 From Nancy Stevens to Everyone:

    [email protected]

    15:58:32 From Pam White to Everyone:

    I would love to get more info on the BART meetings and housing

    15:58:53 From Betsy Morris to Everyone:

    let’s talk Pam.

    15:59:31 From Pam White to Everyone:

    Ballots are coming out from Alameda County by May 9th.  Please vote.

    16:00:44 From helen to Everyone:

    Here you go Pam info about the cooridor projects and planning:  there are a few more meetings and would be good if you go.

    16:01:05 From IF to Everyone:

    Much appreciation to all of you, especially for the hopeful inspiration from Angeles. I'll have to sign off shortly for another meeting.

    16:01:42 From Betsy Morris to Everyone:

    Iris -  can you introduce yourself or come again! 4th wednesdays

    16:03:41 From IF to Everyone:

    I don't have a fast internet connection and can barely make Zoom work, so I'm limited to introducing myself in the chat. But I'll be back for another meeting when I'm able. Isis

    16:06:22 From Pam White to Everyone:

    GREAT! I have meet with LWVBAE Presdient!

    16:06:29 From Pam White to Everyone:

    Love this.  Thank you

    16:07:50 From Nancy Stevens to Everyone:

    This is great info! I regret not being here from the beginning. Thank you!!!

    16:10:39 From Angeles Gottheil to Everyone:

    This is where I will post the meeting notes -

    16:11:14 From Angeles Gottheil to Everyone:

    save coyote bush collective garden -

    16:19:58 From maria sol to Everyone:

    How does one suggest something for conversation???

    16:20:27 From Angeles Gottheil to Everyone:

    Go for it Maria sol!

    16:20:44 From Angeles Gottheil to Everyone:

    you can suggest here, or wherever

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    Website Meeting - April 20, 2022








    Website (Nation Builder) updates and discussion:

    • Update splash page - upcoming speaker meeting, out of date?
    • font is small - make bigger
    • Member actions
      • Which pages can they update?
      • Campaign blog pages?
      • Calendar - adding events
    • User actions
      • can anyone be allowed to post to a blog page, even if they are not a member?
      • can users subscribe?
        • create specific blog pages for Issues/Campaigns
      • digest - with links
      • email people according to interests
    • New Permission sets?
      • need to upgrade/pay for more permission sets
      • Staff and Admin are current sets
    • Supporter v. Prospect (Nation Builder categories)
      • supporter means they've given us their email and are willing to receive messages
        • "Join" 
      • Member - our current version, lowest cost subscription doesn't have
        • list of membership fees and expirations - handles renewals of dues, emailing members to renew
        • right now we have to track their membership separately, payment by payment
      • Finance page
        • can see transactions
        • can manually enter expenses
    • Website updates
      • Participate - move subpages Join, Volunteer, Get In Touch underneath
        • Join - add questions about their interests, indicating what our issue areas
          • which of these issues affects you the most now?
          • what specific issues are you involved in? blank box
          • best contact method and times to contact you personally? is it okay to call you on the phone or do you prefer email or text?
          • accessibility needs
        • add link to Membership form somewhere after they Join - revisit/redraft, and post it on the website for people to fill out
          • create new Form page on website, redirected after they Join
        • get email or flag when a new member Joins (Betsy asks for this!!)
      • Meeting Notes - move under Events
        • add recordings links
        • use Tags to call out issues and link to notes in Newsletter/Digest
        • add past annotated Meeting Notes and Invitations
          • e.g. CANHR California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform lawyers and founder have spoken to Gray Panthers many times
          • CANHR is a Resource, Partner, and part of Campaigns
      • Resources v. Partners v. Issues
        • Resources - across campaigns and some general resources
          • static information
          • affordable housing, mental health resources (211 sucks)
          • where is the best information possible?
          • connects to calendar
        • Tag Resources and Calendar events with Issue/Campaign Tags
        • Active v. potential campaigns
      • Directory under Partners is automatically created based on Tags
        • Raines - build database with Tags
        • different Directories for different categories
    • Hannah
      • Doesn't intend to be an admin
      • LTS for All campaign liaison
      • Do you want to be able to add calendar items? Blog posts? not for now
      • Issues tab


    Issues v. Campaign v. Partnership - create new pages?

    • Issues (higher level) >> Campaigns (sub-campaigns) - sometimes there are no active campaigns under issues
      • Issues
        • Health 
        • Housing
          • homeless rights
          • housing access
          • decommodify land
        • Transportation
          • specifically for older adults and persons with disabilities
          • Daveed needs to name a campaign
          • David Blake is liaison for Public Voices for Transportation, focuses on getting bond measures
          • David Blake - Pan-Disability Coalition ??? - ask David
        • Disability Rights
          • not necessarily ADA compliance enforcer
      • Campaigns - membership endorses each campaign, has a liaison, limited in scope (with specific goals, timeline, actions); how do we define a campaign and when do we know it's active?
        • Healthcare for All
          • Healthcare for All Californians
            • there's a coalition
            • legislation pending
          • Medicare for All
          • Long-term Support Services (LTSS) for All
            • New page describing issues (Hannah could edit) - coming from grassroots rather than professional level
            • Link to calendar with events
            • Relatively new organization, everybody in the coalition has their own website
            • 3-parts
              • IHSS Time for 20
              • Long-term Social Insurance Program
              • Build Back Better - in Congress, House passed, trying to get Senate to agree
          • Nursing Home Accountability
            • CANHR is a Resource, Partner, and part of Campaigns
            • National Gray Panthers nursing home campaign
              • SF chapter communicates with Betsy
            • we are part of Senior Housing Subcommittee - one of members wrote a gray paper
          • Disability Rights - no campaign, issue area
            • Disability Rights California
            • Senior Disability Action
            • Hand to Hand Domestic Employers Network
            • LTSS
          • Bill in Congress that would decrease the cost of insulin
            • part of National Council of Gray Panthers Network
        • Housing for All
          • Save Coyote Bush Collective Garden - formally request endorsement as active campaign
            • AG becomes liaison
            • add to blog
            • post events
          •  Partners
            • Landless Peoples Alliance
              • Daveed supports
              • mental health
                • Betsy gets emails about mental health events
                • link to someone else's page
                • invite guest experts or guest activists to use blog space
            • Friends of Adeline
            • Wood St. Commons
        • Transportation
          • Daveed can write a blog on transportation
      • Partners
        • CARA - partner on all levels
          • there are some campaigns they're not as active on
          • EBGP is a member of CARA - due-paying
          • meeting Tuesdays
          • lobby days
          • senior get out the vote
        • USOAC - haven't paid dues since the first year
        • Association Members - change/edit to Membership or Organizational Memberships (maybe include $ annual fee)
          • attend their regular meetings and join their campaigns when appropriate
          • pay dues
          • provide trainings usually
        • Gray Panthers chapters
          • Gray Panthers Portland
            • anti-gun campaign
            • wants to boycott Walmart
            • not an active issue or campaign, but can add referrals to other Panther chapters
          • link to list of all Gray Panthers chapters - Randy from National Council may have this
    • About
      • add long history
      • principles - discuss in board meeting - HEALTH is our core main focus related to all issues
        • anti-racist - define as a group
        • anti-agist
        • anti-ableist
        • anti-capitalist
        • intersectionality
        • feminist
        • democratic
      • organizational goals - talk with board and membership 
        • housing
          • de-commodification of land
          • rent-free housing
        • disability rights - get specific
        • equal rights - get specific
      • add Articles, Bylaws, 501(c)(3) letter, code of conduct 
        • add Code of Conduct under Meetings/Events page
      • edit content in About page to include Issues list - links to campaigns
    • Campaigns (new high level page) - subpages for each campaign
    • Resources



    • we don't have a newsletter because we don't have a newsletter editor
    • include links to events and just include headlines
    • used to be monthly newsletter and monthly flyers with announcements

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    Board Meeting - April 13, 2022

    Start time 15:15

    Maria Sol
    Helen and Raines can't attend

    1. Checkins

    2. Officer reports/ business

    • Minutes of last meetings approval - secretary
      • David moved and Daveed seconded motion to approve meeting minutes from Jan. 12th
      • Unanimous approval
    • Treasurer
      • Finances available via the website's dashboard - need to be logged in
    • Co-convenors
      1. Speaker Meetings april and may

    3. Current Campaign Updates and Announcements

    • POOR Campaign - 3 speakers tomorrow at the policy meeting 12-1pm - contact Carol for link to join
      Gray Panthers general meeting - April 27th fourth Wednesday of every month
      Angeles speaker suggestion - talk about composting toilets and demystify sewage
    • Private equity firms buying up housing developments (Betsy)
    • Skylark, in Larkspur - housing full of seniors and people on fixed income
    • 405 units in Skylark building in Marin
      Purchased by Prime Portfolio - John Atwood CEO, headquarters in SF
      bought for 300M, 660K per unit
      Immediately started raising rents
      Skylark leaders are getting a lot out of Gray Panthers support
    • Oakland and Berkeley have had grassroots groups raising this issue - some local and state legislation is aimed at controlling through taxation
      Gray Panthers nationally are looking into equity funds
      Social Housing Coalition - East Bay DSA - state initiative to take properties off the market
      Statewide TOPA bill
    • Coyote Bush Collective Garden (Angeles) - sold at county tax auction for 274K, new buyer Sanjay Khanna wants to make money and asked what we could offer for him to profit. We offered a potential tax break. He's talking to his CPA and will let us know
      Rental Assistance (Daveed)
    • The state did not keep their word on the rental assistance - it was a rip-off, criminal
      • Daveed got only 5 months of rental assistance, and they lied to us
    • We need to work with Tenants Together
      • City of Berkeley is more interested in building construction than accessibility
    • Maria Sol
      • Distributing food almost every day
      • Still looking to be of value to the community - challenge of urban camping
      • Searching for gas money to get to the doctors and distribute food
      • 2nd St. in Berkeley - RVs have relocated there on a dirt road
      • Senior centers - have they been helpful? Maria Sol has not tried yet, her mobility is limited and her health is an issue as well - please reach out if you can help
    • Hannah - LTSS for All
      • 3 programs
        • LTSS insurance program
        • Build Back Better
        • Time for 20 (HIH campaign) - rally yesterday, Carol, Robert, and Betsy were there
      • Call-in campaign continues - call early and often
    • TOPA requests for endorsements (Betsy) - hearing in Sacramento is on April 19th (Betsy)
    • Board Communications - what's working what's not in our communications with each other? 
      • David - searching for Gray Panthers emails

    6. Set next Board meeting - ??

    5pm Adjourn (Angeles left, stopped taking notes at 4:30pm)

  • published Board Meeting - January 12, 2022 in Board Meetings 2022-04-13 14:13:57 -0700

    Board Meeting - January 12, 2022

    Board meeting - January 12, 2022


    Begin: 13:45 via Zoom



    Betsy Morris
    Raines Cohen
    Daveed Mandell
    Robert Magarian
    Carol Crooks
    Marcia Kimmel, visitor member from Redwood Gardens and National Alliance of HUD Tenants
    David Blake
    Angeles Gottheil
    Margot Smith joined at 14:14
    Michael Ruchlis joined at 14:30
    Not Present: Maria, Gary.  Board Emerita: Margot Smith. Member: Marcia Kimmler from Redwood Gardens.



    Marcia - Member Report:

    • Marcia Kimmell, from Redwood Gardens reports Tenants Association are still short-staffed, and had been working together with new management, FPI, a Folsom based company. Then they and presumably Harriet Tubman Terrace received word another property management company:  JR Stewart, or JRS, which manages many properties in Berkeley and around the county.  Marcia is also now an elected Board Member of National Alliance of HUD Tenants for this part of the country (SF East Bay).
      John Stewart Company has a good reputation as property management company - when people talk about the good ol' days of Redwood Gardens it's because of JSC
    • John Stewart was a Quaker
    • Betsy - People at Harriet Tubman community had negative experiences with the John Stewart Company
    • Emergency preparedness project at Redwood Gardens has been shelved until they make a connection with people on 2nd and 3rd floors who are handicapped and are going to need help if there is an emergency
      Marcia talked to chair of tenants association at Strawberry Creek Lodge and she's open to collaboration, exchanging information, regarding SAHA
    • Eileen sent email, Raines forwarded on Jan. 10th about Harriet Tubman Terrace and issues with housing 
    • Housing subcommittee can determine how we can help as GP


    Betsy - Executive Committee Report:

    • Membership Report (Betsy) As of today, we have 23 current members current (voting) on dues.  Some expire this month. Another 15 former who’s dues expired since 2020.  Note we have 388 emails in our database, 13 without email; and 376 other contacts We also have over 500 Facebook members willing to receive our Facebook posts. (overlap is 45 people. 

    Robert - Treasurer Report: 

    • Mechanics Bank checking balance:             $4320.49.
    • Savings Account Balance:                          $745.70
    • No income or new members/renewals since November 30.
    • 1/3 of members pay $15/yr, 1/3 of members pay $35/yr, and some pay more than minimum



    • ANNUAL Organizational Memberships by Berkeley East Bay Gray Panthers

      $50            CARA/Alameda county chapter, org membership (based on size of membership)

      $35            NAACP (national and Berkeley chapter) membership

      $75            NAHT National Alliance of HUD Tenants, organizational associate

    Associate non-voting members - anyone can participate at any of the meetings but we can't vote, Michael Cane is a contact
    4 or 5 tenant councils in Berkeley that are/have been NAT members
    Trainings once a year at the convention are great (Betsy)

    $75            EBHO, East Bay Housing Organizations, membership

    Monthly or bimonthly conversations with owners/developers of affordable housing in Berkeley
    Allows us to get endorsements for support for unhoused community
    We can bring up issues related to oversight of HUD housing managers
    Next meeting is this Friday 9:30 on zoom (ask Betsy)

    $100            National Council of Gray Panther Networks


    • Nation Builder - website, membership management 
      • Pay ~5% per transaction for donations received
      • Raines requesting reimbursement for $468/year


    • David moves to approve the expenditure/reimbursement
      Daveed seconds
      Passes unanimously
    • Robert Magarian moves to join Senior Disability Action, a new membership


    BUDGET PROPOSAL and Check Requests:

    • Last January the Board approved a total of $500 for current and continuing organizational memberships and contributions.
    • DECISION:   Motion proposed to approve $500 total in our 2022 budget for Group Affiliations/Org Membership Dues:  Moved by ________; seconded by :  Unanimous approval.
    • DECISION: We will budget $480 for the year for use of Raines’ NationBuilder platform for our EBGP website, database of supporters, email, donations, and online calendar:  This is $39/month for 12 months = $480.00   (to be reimbursed to Raines Cohen, on a regular basis.
      Proposal draft To seek an intern or person to assist with Secretary duties, and Membership Coordination and Website/Research and to budget an amount for them.   Written proposal edited and discussed at length.
    • The issue of a budget for outside recruitment was set aside.


    Secretary Nomination:

    • DECISION :  the nomination of Angeles Gottheil as Secretary of the Board.  Secretary duties will be clarified, but covers at least taking/maintaining approved minutes of Board meetings and its decisions, and keeping membership records.
    • Moved by Helen, and seconded by Michael Ruchlis, unanimously approved



    • Betsy is sending out job description
    • Helen - we're asking for a lot of tasks, important, and the job needs to be taken seriously
    • David doesn't like the word intern
    • Allocating a couple thousand dollars to hire an intern to help with board minutes, decision logs, etc.
    • $3,300 unallocated
    • How much of that do we want to allocate to internship?
    • Raines - with in-person membership we can raise more funds
    • Determine specific list of what needs to be done, for stipend


    Robert Magarian - update on guaranteed healthcare for all Californians
    Angeles had to leave at 15:34 but meeting continued
    Betsy continued taking notes until the end of the meeting (notes incorporated above)

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    Board Meetings

    Website Meeting - April 20, 2022
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    Board Meeting - April 13, 2022
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    Board Meeting - January 12, 2022
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  • Speaker Meeting - January 26, 2022

    East Bay Gray Panthers

    General Meeting

    January 26, 2022


    Start time: 13:30



    Betsy Morris

    Judy Jackson

    Raines Cohen

    Angeles Gottheil

    Pamela Price (guest speaker)

    Carol Crooks

    Robert Magarian

    Daveed Mandel


    Nancy Stevens

    Nancy Scott

    Marcia Kimmell

    Rivka Polatnick

    Adrianne Aron

    Sylvia Chapman

    Michael Ruchlis

    Norma JF Harrison


    Maria Sol

    Helen Walsh

    Tiombe Kambon

    Tony Chapelle

    Ms. Richie Smith

    Michai Freeman

    Arlene Hip

    Carole Marasovic

    Pamela Price (guest speaker)


    What does D.A. do?

    • D.A. is elected and does not report to A.G., county supervisors, or any other body
      40%+ of employee's in Alameda county court system worked at DA office - big link between offices
      From beginning to end the D.A. is at the center of the decisions that get made in our criminal justice system
    • What types of crimes are going to be prioritized?
    • Are we going to have alternative courts and restorative justice opportunities?
    • D.A. also advocates at the state level, supporting or opposing legislation



    Grand jury of Alameda County

    • Anyone can file a claim
    • Main role is to monitor the behavior of county officials, misuse of funds, etc.
    • Staffed by D.A. office or county council



    211 system - Helen Walsh

    • Is the D.A. going to address accessibility of information in this age of the digital divide?
    • Pamela - create interdisciplinary commissions to bring together people from the community to talk about the specific issues that we can work on in Alameda County



    What can D.A. do to create access to land and housing?

    • Pamela - Tell police to not destroy people's property or evict people from the places where they find sanctuary
    • We have all this vacant land in Oakland - we are not going to incarcerate people because they are unhoused
    • Overcome and cut through bureaucratic obstacles
    • Safe vehicle parking (Betsy)



    Nancy Stevens - calling in from a nursing facility where she gets the constant medical care that she needs 

    • What power does D.A. have to address staffing shortages at nursing facilities?
    • Pamela - D.A. has the mandate to regulate these facilities in compliance with the law
    • There is an opportunity for D.A. to put the resources that are available into the enforcement of the law


    Probate court - NAACP, Berkeley chapter member

    • Nancy O'Malley started to bring forward grand jury but stalled
      Need to hold grand jury to determine if there is mistreatment of Black/POC community in probate court
      It's peoples bread and butter and no one currently wants to "cut off their bread"
      Pamela - thinks he covered it very well
    • Mr. Powell had to pay 750K to save his home
      South Berkeley member
    • Lives near the Here/There camp site
    • Member of Friends of Adeline
    • Carol Morosovic (bad connection, couldn't take notes)
    • Michai Freeman (bad connection, couldn't take notes)



    • Regarding safety for people living in their vehicles- they're being stalked by police and residents and ticketed regularly
      D.A. does have power to influence how people living in their vehicles are treated

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