The issues we focus on as members of the East Bay Gray Panthers relate to our goal to foster support for the elderly members of our society, through actions that bring youth and age together.


Members of the Gray Panthers of the East Bay participate and advocate for the following issue through specific related Campaigns.



Long-term Support Services For All (LTSS for All)

Our members have experience with inadequate support services and we advocate with their help to improve access for all in need of long-term support services, including the following programs:

  • LTSS insurance program
  • Build Back Better
  • Time for 20 (HIH campaign)



Housing for All

Everyone has a right to housing. As signatories of the Declaration of the Rights of Landless People, we recognize the local shelter crises in many cities across the SF Bay Area and California. We also recognize people's rights to seek housing and strive to advocate for more accessibility, much more affordability, and more inclusivity in our local housing options.



Public Transit

Our members advocate more greater accessibility in public transit and other transit options for the elderly.


Local Participation

Local Elections