2020 Berkeley Rent Board Convention

Tenant Convention EndorsedSelect the progressive, pro-tenant Berkeley Rent Board slate!

Renters, Smart Landlords, and Homeowners who support tenants rights and rent control are seeking candidates for the November 2020 Rent Board election. Confirmed sponsors of this year’s convention include the Berkeley Tenants Union, Berkeley Citizens Action, Friends of Adeline, the Berkeley NAACP, the Gray Panthers of the East Bay, Democratic Socialists of America, the UC Berkeley Young Democratic Socialists of America, Our Revolution East Bay, Young Democrats for Justice in Palestine - East Bay, the Cal Berkeley Democrats, the Berkeley Democrats (NOT BDC), the East Bay Young Democrats, the Green Party of Alameda County, and UAW 2865 (the UC student-workers union).

Berkeley Tenants UnionBerkeley's Rent Stabilization Board plays a vital role in ensuring fair rental prices and decent living conditions. The Board serves renters and landlords alike, and is known throughout the state for the breadth and quality of its services.

This year there will be FIVE Rent Board seats on the ballot. At the convention, each aspiring commissioner will share with you their experience, philosophy, and goals.

All who support rent control and strong tenant protections were welcome to seek selection as a convention candidate!

Direct Links for Participation 
Register to Watch the Convention: bit.ly/2020WatchConvention
Candidate Questionnaires: bit.ly/2020CandidateQuestionnaires
Request an ELECTRONIC Ballot: bit.ly/2020BallotRequest
Request a PAPER Ballot: bit.ly/2020PaperBallotRequest

All 2020 candidates will be vetted and chosen by the Tenants Convention taking place online this Sunday, July 5 from 4:00PM to 6:00PM. This will be followed by online voting (or by paper ballot for those without the internet) through July 12. Knowledge of and experience with rent control, eviction protections, and other tenants issues is not mandatory, but is certainly a plus for candidates.

Berkeley/East Bay Gray Panthers screening

Gray Panthers asked one question: “What experience and skills do you have with older adults and persons with disabilities, especially on very low fixed incomes how they can age in Berkeley, safely, accessibly, and affordably?"

Despite rent control, too many older Berkeley residents are forced to pay half or more of their income to live in unsafe (poorly maintained) and physically inaccessible units.

We will share our recommendations to you on our web page by Sunday.

Thirteen candidates are seeking endorsement for the Pro-Rent Control Solidarity Slate.
The coalition is using ranked choice voting, and your vote counts, as a Gray Panthers member.

Screening by representatives from community groups took place in late June.The questionnaire/candidate packet was available to candidates. Ratings and comments from community leaders are provided to convention voters to help guide their choices.

To vote at the Convention, you must be a Berkeley resident (including college/university students, as well as non-citizens and other persons ineligible to register to vote). To run for the Berkeley Rent Board, you must be registered to vote in Berkeley.Tenants Convention flyer

RSVP here to get links to attend and the EBGP recommendations.

IMPORTANT NOTE: you still need to register via Zoom to attend and vote, or apply for a paper ballot. See the "Direct Links" above.


P.S. Bonus video for inspiration:




How to Request a PAPER Ballot


For persons without internet access (or without consistent internet access), we are offering paper ballots.
There are three methods of requesting a paper ballot. EITHER
2. Either call or text the Berkeley Tenants Union at 510-982-6696.

Provide the full name (and spelling), full address, and phone number of the person who needs a paper ballot. Please Speak loudly and clearly whe leaving the voicemail.

3. If canvassed by someone while they are flyering, prospective voters may provide the above information to the canvasser.

Requests for paper ballots must be submitted by SATURDAY, July 11 at 11:59PM. (Please note this is 
24 hours before the deadline to vote, and 21 hours before the deadline to request an electronic ballot)

Paper ballots should be brought to a ballot box located at Grassroots House


(2022 Blake Street, Berkeley, CA 94709)


by Sunday, July 12 at 11:59PM.


Do NOT attempt to mail in your ballot. If necessary, you may request someone else turn in your ballot for you.

How to turn in your paper ballot:

1. Place your completed ballot inside an envelope, and seal the envelope.

2. Place that sealed envelope, plus the convention registration form (brought to you with your ballot) inside a SECOND envelope, and then seal that outer envelope.


3. Place the outer envelope in the ballot box before the deadline, Sunday July 12 by 11:59pm.


The Ballot Box will be at 2022 Blake Street, "Grassroots House." It is wheelchair accessible.

July 05, 2020 at 4:00pm - 6pm
Online via Zoom
Berkeley Tenants Convention · · (510) 842-6224

Will you come?