October 27, 2021 ANNUAL MEETING Board Election Online

Our speakers this month are Margot Smith, Convenor of Gray Panthers Berkeley-East Bay from 2000 to 2012. 
Also: Year in Review and Annual Elections to the Board: 3 new candidates.  
Bring your favorite or most challenging moments of the Year.  Help us create the headlines of the future.  

PROGRAM (order may change)

1:30 OPENING/WELCOMES - Convener Betsy Morris, Co-Convener Carol Crooks   Acknowledgements

1:45  Margot Smith (Berkeley GP Convener 2002-2012): Reflections on Being a Senior Activist - Then and Now

Q&A - SHARING Favorite Gray Panther Moments and Challenges

2:15 Locked Down and Breaking Out - Highlights of Our Last Year

-Officer Reports: Treasurer Robert Magarian and Secretary Raines Cohen

ELECTION – Angeles Gottheil, Mike Ruchlis

  • Bylaws and draft Job Descripton/Code of Ethics
  • Board Nominees and Nominations from the Floor
  • Remarks by Candidates
  • How to Vote


   Q&A and General Discussion of Future Plans and Priorities -- Share your favorite future Headlines! 

WRAP UP, Thank yous

Adjourn 3:30; further connections 'til 4

Gray Panthers of Berkeley and the East Bay (aka EBGP) does not meet on the 4th Wednesday of November.  We usually hold a social event in December.  Calling on members to plan what that could be! 

Your RSVP on this page is appreciated but not required. If you do RSVP we'll email a link with full access info for the call.

--- Keep in touch! 

October 27, 2021 at 1:30pm - 4pm
Co-Convener Betsy Morris · · 510-842-6224
Shane Krpata Norma J F Harrison Carol Crooks Alan Gould Raines Cohen david blake Robert Magarian Bob Sheppard Hannah Karpilow Helen Walsh Patrick Kehoe Michael Ruchlis Marcia Kimmell Maria Sol Margot Smith

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