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  • published Jan 2023 Speaker Meeting in Events 2023-01-28 23:35:06 -0800

    Jan 2023 Speaker Meeting

    2023 MONTHLY SPEAKERS MEETING - Notes and video! 

    Wednesday, January 25,1:30 to 4pm  

    1:30 Opening Welcomes

    Remembering Chimey Lee

    “We Are Not Alone”

     Short greetings from leaders of Live Oak Project, Sage-ing International

    and Elder Action Network, and East Bay Elder Action

     2PM- Featured Speakers

    Myron Wollin and Karen Reside

     Long Beach Gray Panthers

    Secrets of Longevity or “What can you do with 22 Interns?”

    Q&A and Discussion


    2:45  - Hali Hammer and Joe Leisner, Peoples Park Council

    In the Courtroom and on the Sidewalk –3 generations of dreamers and defenders


    3:10 PM  - Diving Deeper: Homelessness, Health, and Housing Access

    Who’s calling on the Gray Panthers? What can we do? 
    Opportunities for volunteers, jobs, training
    Poll for priorities and speakers

    Announcements from Members;  Guests as time permits

    (Let the convenors know ahead of time, and raise your hand)

    3:30 Closing Poems

    Informal Discussion until 4pm

    Upcoming Events 

    Feb 3 – East Bay Transit Equity Days - zoom rally. 

    Feb 11, Peoples Assembly on Growing Berkeley's Black Community, led by Healthy Black Families, San Pablo Park/Frances Albrier Community Center

    Feb. 23 – 1:30 next EBGP Speaker Meeting

     TBA - Homelessness Stakeholder Summit 

    March 17 - Buses to Bakersfield - Rally to Defend Medicare and Social Security at Kevin McCarthy's home turf 


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    Speaker Meetings are regular gatherings on the Fourth Wednesday of the month. We highlight special topics and guest speakers as well as Gray Panther and partner activities -  and discussion with all participants as time permits. Other GP meetings and events organized by our coalition and solidarity partners are also listed. 

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    Currently the Monthly Meeting and Board Meetings are by zoom or phone-in but we are scheduling occasional outdoor and safe in-person gatherings in 2022-2023! 

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